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We are a LegalTech company: ​

We provide technological legal solutions to our clients.

We understand that each client is unique and requires a legal strategy tailored to their specific needs.​




Leading the
innovation in the region

We are a pioneer LegalTech company offering technological legal solutions.

Integrating Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We create solutions that leverage our professional expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Adaptability is our hallmark

Our solutions combine AI with specialized consultancy services, being adaptable and scalable.

Our solutions cover all stages

Of your company’s comprehensive growth


IP Stars, a publication of Managing IP, is recognized as the premier guide for identifying leading IP law firms and practitioners worldwide. Established in 1994 and comprehensively covering over 70 jurisdictions, the guide assesses firms across various intellectual property practice areas, including patent, trademark, copyright, and IP transactions. Firms are rigorously evaluated based on factors such as their expertise, market reputation, workload, outcomes achieved for clients, and unique strengths in specific areas.

The World Trademark Review WTR 1000 is an essential guide that identifies the world’s top trademark professionals in various jurisdictions globally. This resource is dedicated exclusively to trademark practices, showcasing firms and individuals based on the depth of their expertise, market presence, and the sophistication of their work. The ranking system categorizes recommendations into gold, silver, and bronze bands to signify different levels of performance and reputation in the field.

The Leaders League rankings offer a comprehensive assessment of top consulting firms across various industries and specialties worldwide. The rankings are meticulously compiled, organizing firms and individuals alphabetically within each tier, reflecting their expertise and market standing. This system is designed to provide clarity and aid in decision-making for those seeking the best legal and consulting services. The rankings cover a wide range of fields, from dispute resolution to financial management, acknowledging firms that excel in their specific areas of operation.​


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